Scripty is not here to get rid of scripts, but to innovate how we work with them.

Scripty App Team



Transform any script

Scripty sophisticated algorithms are able to recognize Radio, Film, Theatre scripts and more. Scan or photograph the pages or upload a simple PDF.


Mobile friendly

No more side and up scrolling PDFs that don't fit your screen. Scripty enhances your scripts in a mobile friendly version.


Record your cues

Record your cues or everything, it's up to you. Have scripty read the script back to you.


Share with friends & collegues

Working on a project with a few people, share your work and notes with them. Collaborate together.


Add your notes

Write notes and mark beats. Sometimes the lines are not enough.



An unusual word you don't quite rembember how to spell? Scripty covers American Standard English and RP pronunciation.

The final version of Scripty will be totally up to you.

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About Scripty

Why was scripty built? What problem does it solve? Why would you find it useful?

Simple brief and to the point explanation to be placed here.

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I can finally take my scripts wherever I go. Scripty is awesome!

Jane Doe, Actor

Memorizing scripts with Scripty is a breeze.

Mike Smith, Actor